Press Release — 23:59:59 by Sadashiv Pradhan is an Intense B-School Fiction — Full of Life Lessons for MBA Aspirants

Mumbai (May 06, 2020) — Debut author Sadashiv Pradhan’s first novel ‘23:59:59’ takes a fantastic, pragmatic stance on life inside the best MBA colleges in India.

It is a well-written, well-edited and well-thought out book; seems as the story has spiraled out of Sadashiv’s first-hand experience of B-school survival. MBA is a lucrative word for aspiring students, this book will take you on a tour, so relatable and so real that you will better prepare yourself before plunging into the ocean of Red Sea. — Kevein Books and Reviews

It’s a story of four students, who meet in one of the best and top-notched B-schools of India, because of same tenacity they not only becomes good friends but also form a group named 23:59:59 to carry out assignments and participating in competitions. In the college they struggled for almost everything i.e. from identity crises to better placement and a lot.

Though fiction by genre, this book holds a special value to MBA pursuing or aspirants because of some core reasons like:

First, it tries reasoning as why MBA in life? Is it needed or not — or just for the sake of degree and job?

Second, it teaches us all that passion and money lust are ever in conflicting mood.

Third, students inside a top B-school have to struggle a lot for achieving good jobs. The instinct for survival should always be high.

Major takeaways for students from the book are:

  1. Peer pressure handling is not everyone’s cup of tea
  2. Campus election matters a lot
  3. There all students are brilliant: titanic efforts needed to remain abreast in all activities
  4. No place for average or good student, like Jay — the protagonist
  5. Best and excellent fits the survival
  6. Bad company can ruin your group and subsequently chances of better placement and other assignments
  7. PPT is considered a basic skill for assignments and projects

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