Press Release — Peppered Minds by OM Somani Interplays a Tale of Humour and Concerned voice with an Equal Élan

Mumbai, (May 06, 2020), Peppered Minds is a beautifully written debut novel of the first-time author Om Somani. The book saw the daylight on 6 February 2020, and is available in both formats — Kindle and Paperback.

The novel is a lighthearted read, tells a tale of a young man’s journey into a professional environment. The lead character travels from Jaipur to Hyderabad and then on duty to wild expeditions — but in the process a lot has been put on revelation by the author, for instance the relationship of earth and moon, importance of kerosene in finding uranium, and how does chili blinds humans’ basic power of creativity and innovation. The novel is laced with vivid description of people’s attitude and behavioral pattern, so common, yet so engrossing. The novel has been received warmly by the readers of all genres, and it has been getting good response at Amazon, Goodreads, Quora and many book review blogs.

“It’s a wonderful book featuring a journey of a young man named Neeraj in his professional stance. The book is way descriptive with its characters and other settings.” — Kevein Books and Reviews

About the Author:

Om Somani was born in Cambay, Gujarat. He was brought up in Rajasthan and received his education in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He is a geologist by profession and has worked in different parts of India. Currently, he is based at Ahmedabad. He enjoyed all his field expeditions; many of them were in the most remote areas. He had ample opportunity to study the rocks of the different terrains in India and the minerals associated with it. Along with the survey of rocks, he had an equal opportunity to explore the people and their mindset. In the book, Peppered Minds, he has brilliantly portrayed the events and thoughts of a fresh geologist inducted in a company. Not only as a fresher, but the author has also depicted the various situations in the life of geologists, both at work and at family fronts. In Peppered Minds, the author has a clue for the pill of wisdom that can lead to the transformation of minds. The author enjoys the habit of reading, meeting people, touring, yoga and meditation.

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