Press Release — Ripples of Eternal Love Takes us to the Ways of Nature

Kolkata, (May 06, 2020), Ripples of Eternal Love is the debut work of the author Pravin Pandey. The novel is published by 24by7Publishing in both formats: Kindle and Paperback. The novel has been praised for staging against the River Swarnrekha. The title is apt as it suggests the involvement of a water body in the book i.e. river. The novel highlights two pristine aspects with a sense of overwhelming awesomeness: purity of childhood and essence of nature.

The story is narrated through a boy’s point of view; he is one of the protagonists. His story is like delving deep into the innocence of childhood, on the other hand, the river Swarnrekha never leaves the backdrop and teaches us the lessons important to lead a pragmatic life. Love, loss, redemption, guilt, desolation, gap in social status — are some of the themes that the book deals with. From the semblance, it’s a story of a boy who roams around the river to while away his time. While observing the lives and balance of fishermen with the nature, he strikes friendship with an old fisherman, Dina Ram, who also turned out to be a melodious singer and often praises his only daughter Malti. As the boy interacts with Dina Ram, his pretensions and longings begin morphing and he finds himself in something inextricable bond until confronted by a deadly storm.

“The novel has smooth narration and with changing time and climax, it changes its tone and shades quite subtly. Just think about the story…you would feel it going like a saga…there is a lot that one can gain from this book.” — Kevein Books and Reviews

About the Author:

Author Pravin Pandey appears to have descended from the class of writers with strong flair for bringing in originality in his writings. A senior banker by profession Pravin Pandey seems to have observed life and its various shades closely. His debut fiction “Ripples of Eternal Love” is a reflection of it. His writing style has its own texture and feel and perhaps that is why readers find it easier to connect with his stories.

His stories are like fresh flower with nectar partly concealed and visible only in bright sunshine. Pravin Pandey lives in Kolkata with wife Manisha and triplet kids, two beautiful daughters Aarya and Bhavya and a handsome son Shaurya. He loves playing guitar, write short stories and narratives.

He is also widely regarded as one of the natural motivator and believes in keeping everyone humorous. The birth of his triplet children in 2013 changed the way he would look at the life and new additions in family gave way to a new hobby, i.e. writing. He encourages his readers to write on everything that have touched them and help them in their writing pursuit.

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