Press Release — Shades of Pink by Ketan Modha is a Refreshing Romance Novel

Mumbai (May 06, 2020), Shades of Pink is the debut novel of the author Ketan Modha. The novel runs up to 217 pages when it was published only on Amazon Kindle. Typical middle-class grooming, teary-eyed romance, and clash of ideologies, aspirations, and feelings are some of the prominent aspects of the novel.

At the center of the novel is the lead character Maya — a carefree and ambitious young girl in 1980s. Since the novel covers Maya thoroughly from 1980s to beyond 214, the story of her romance with an English Cricketer Paul never leaves the core of the story. Destiny played a brutal and indifferent role in shaping her life, but later on her fearless and bold daughter Ria tries to soothe the pain of her lost days. The kind of romance this novel has is unique and different — it is build on tears, realistic separation, cultural clashes, and most importantly on the conflict of interests between Maya and her father Professor Vishnu.

Though romance is the main genus of the novel, it is also laced with subplots and some adventure and backdrops of India and the UK. So far, the novel has received a good response on various review and social media platforms. Also, the story has been narrated in favour of women’s point of view, it is likely that no sooner than later it is going to be an Amazon Bestseller in the romance genre.

“Maya is a powerful character — though silent, yet unforgettable! The length and pace of the novel is just optimum, no burden, no boredom! Even if you close the book, the story of Maya will not leave your memories so easily. Ketan has delivered a fantastic romance novel, that too, from the female point of views.” — Kevein Books and Reviews

About the Author:

A keen observer of life and its different shades, the bug to write something kept pushing him for quite a few years. His debut book, Shades of Pink, is a romantic novel that deals with ideological conflicts amongst three generations.

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