Press Release — Vesela and the Vervum World by Mostyn Heilmannovsky is an Innovative Vampire Literature

New Delhi (May 06, 2020), Mostyn Heilmannovsky from Austria, Europe, is a well-known author for writing short stories related to cryptids and paranormal, some of his previous books shot into fame when they became Amazon Bestseller.

His recent full-fledged novel Vesela and the Vervum World is based around vampire clans — first book in the Vesela Trilogy. The novel runs up to 300 pages and is indeed a treat to people who have read Twilight and Vampire Academy series and now looking for something more engaging in adventure and action. So far, the novel has received terrific response on Amazon and Goodreads, it was also a bestseller on Amazon as soon as it was launched. The novel is poignant in exploring the types of vampires ever existed in the world or often fought in the dark shades. The novel presents fight between dark and good forces, with Vesela the lead character as the key to all.

“Yes, the book deserved to be stood tall among all high-rated supernatural fantasy and thriller authors across the world. The kind of pace and narration and blending of facts and fiction from time and again is something that collectively keeps the story moving incredibly. A highly recommended novel.” — Kevein Books and Reviews

About the Author:

Mostyn Heilmannovsky has published e-books and books, which can be found on and on many other websites. Most of his e-books are short stories about cryptids, paranormal themes and controversial topics. He is very interested in many themes and is always reading about them so that he can write about them. He had studied Slavonic studies.

Furthermore, he has written articles on historical themes and has been working for a library. He has transliterated numerous letters and written abstracts about them. He loves to write, paint and read books about art, fiction and science.

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