Press Release — Sadhana Who Stalked Her by Spandana Chakradhar is a Powerful Novel in the Favour of Women Safety

Mumbai (May 08, 2020) — Debut author Spandana Chakradhar’s first novel ‘Sadhana Who Stalked Her?’ takes a very pragmatic and serious stance on sexual crimes happening against women in India.

It is worth praise that in the face of adversity, Sadhana’s courage sees no dip. Other than being high on entertainment quotient, the novel addresses a very common issue found in India — safety of women. As in one of the chapters it is mentioned, “No place is safe for women. They need to learn to defend.” — Kevein Books and Reviews

In India sexual assault on women is becoming a common problem, and laws and powerful men seem to behave as they have heard nothing. So, the solution is self-defense. And the story of Sadhana reveals that self-defense is not a rocket science to learn, rather one just needs some education on self-defense tips and mindfulness.

This book is high on encouragement, especially for the women who have suffered sexual assault in various forms, including acid attack, voyeurism, stalking, and so on.

Based on true incidents, it is a story of a young woman named Sadhana who takes up the fight to hunt down her stalkers in the new city, Delhi. Very encouraging story…a must read for every women.

About the Author:

Spandana Chakradhar is a Permanent Resident of Australia. She’s an accomplished Learning and Development professional with ten years of experience in the corporate arena.

She enjoys the craftsmanship of writing. She realized that her worst day as a writer is much better than her best day as a behavioural trainer. She believes in Aristotle’s definition of happiness, ‘deploying our full force along line of excellence.’ Being a writer lets her do exactly that.

She has unleashed the fiction writer in her through her first novel, Sadhana-Who stalked her? She’s written professional articles for TOI, Hindustan Times, Silicon India and SHRM. Get in touch with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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