Stories of Us by Bobby Sachdeva is a Mirror to the Indian Society

True are the stories that reflect the society in them…and one such good book nowadays that has created a lot buzz in the towns is Stories of Us by debutante Bobby Sachdeva. The book is so much engrossed into society that its punch line goes like – the common man. Indeed, the book is built around keeping whims and guilt and deeds of a common man that builds the major part of the Indian society.

With over 200 Goodreads and Amazon ratings, the book contains a collection of 41 short stories related to different topics based on the life of a common man and explicitly highlights the silhouettes around the gaudy semblance of the society, which differs from one person to another, one city to another state, and so on.  The book has soul-stirring chapters like ‘Ummidein’, ‘Notebandi’, ‘Boarding Pass’, etc. The chapter based on Boarding Pass could really throw anyone into a loop upon knowing how a ‘class’ of a person makes us to change our thoughts about them. The USP of the book is that no story, in particular, stretches over 4 pages, thus, making it easy to read and understand. The collection is overly simple but equally engrossing.

The best part about the book is the way author has put some questions after every chapter. These questions are thought provoking and make us think about our practicing beliefs. In some way or other, we also follow these beliefs and taboos without giving a proper thought of dogmatism. Since the chapters are in the voice of a common man, anyone will find it easily relatable.

About the Author:

Bobby Sachdeva is a storyteller by choice and a businessman by profession. He writes stories to highlight the problems with norms and standards in our changing society and the ways to resolve these. Some of these short stories are being made into short films now and filmmakers have shown interest in his writing. This is his first novel. Bobby lives in Amritsar with his family and owns a film production studio named Ajab Productions.

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