Vidhi Chauhan’s Debut Novel ‘Love, Murder, and Ambition’ is a Treat for Murder Mystery Lovers

Bangalore, (May 13, 2020), debutante author Vidhi Chauhan recently published her debut work ‘Love, Murder, and Ambition’ – Welcome to Indian Silicon Valley. The novel is placed in the hustle-bustle of Indian Silicon Valley Bangalore. This short novel, of 97 pages, is published by Evincepub Publishing in both formats, Kindle and Paperback.

The novel is short and rivetingly fast-paced with measured events that lead to a perfect and totally unexpected ending. This has been one such fine ‘Whodunnit’ novel by an Indian author, where the identity of the murderer remains hidden till the last page. For this reason, this novel is pure gala-gala for murder mystery readers. Indian romance genre is brimming with millions of budding authors; however, genres like crime, suspense, and murder mystery seem deserted. Vidhi Chauhan loves reading and watching mysteries, hence people won’t surprise if she takes this arena to her name.

The novel features Mahesh in dual personality traits – partly protagonist and partly antagonist. He is quite ambitious but at the same time a womanizer – using women for his motifs is something ordinary smart work for him. When he is accused of murdering his business partner cum mistress Aakriti, he finds himself in an inextricable bog. He repents his actions but that is too late for any sort of atonement. To her defense and support comes his wife Anupamma. Will she be able to bring him safe and sound? You must pick up to know the inside story.

Laced with action, drama and suspense, the novel nudges readers for interpretation, nothing is predictable. Vidhi is a highly capable storyteller in this genre and she has set a classical benchmark for herself and other Indian writers that are yet to deliver something powerful like Love, Murder, and Ambition.

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About the Author:

Vidhi Chauhan is a budding author, who grew up reading and watching murder mysteries. Based in Singapore, she works in a finance sector. She wants to write for people who travel every day in trains and buses in metropolitan cities. Her aim is to attract readers such as college students who don’t want to spend a lot of time reading suspense novels. By keeping it simple and short for those people who are too lazy to read more than 200 pages of mystery novels she dares to bring a change.

In her spare time, she enjoys blogging and writing short stories mostly thriller murder mysteries. Love, Murder, and Ambition is her debut novel.

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  1. Awesome read… have read the kindle version waiting… would recommend… do read it…

  2. Good luck for new journey.. wish you embrace readers with your storytelling skills.. all the very best 🙂

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