Amazon Bestseller Author Ramya R. Moorthy Launches her Second Book – The 9 Colours of Vibrant Women: Decode Your Traits and Foster Situation led Self-Leadership

Bangalore (May 14, 2020), When it comes to self-help books that boost the inherent immunity of womenfolk, Ramya R. Moorthy has earned quite a significant recognition. She is an influencing author. A few months back, she made her debut with the book – A Journey in Search of Happiness, where in she focused on values and principles that make one happy in life over just being successful. Continuing the fervent, she launched the sequel to the book, The 9 Colours of Vibrant Women. In both the books characters are same, Mother Shivani and Daughter Anila. However, this time, backdrop is of India, Bangalore and Tamil Nadu.

Her daughter Anila takes up depression after hearing the rape and assault case of Nirbhaya – her friend from neighborhood. Mother Shivani takes up Anila to a village and begins teaching her 9 colours of vibrant women against the backdrop of Navratri. For 9 straight days Anila gets one lesson each day about one colour, i.e. Red, Grey, White, Blue…and so on. Each colour indicates some traits and virtues about women, she learns first by understanding the avatar of the goddess Durga and then through examples and she meets some people around her. In a sense, the book is a power punch of Spiritual Motivational and Pragmatic, all into one. Each chapter lists down 5 stories to inspire, the stories range from Deepa Mallik to Kiran Bedi to Indra Nooyi to Mary Kom and more, from all walks of life.

The book became an Amazon Bestseller as soon as it got released. You can buy the book from Amazon.

About the Author:

Ramya Ramalinga Moorthy is an IT entrepreneur with almost two decades of experience. She holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. Earlier, she had worked with various IT companies like Honeywell, CGI, Cognizant, and Brillio for 14 years.

She is the Founder and CEO of EliteSouls Consulting Services, a software testing firm that provides Quality Assurance, Performance Engineers and Cyber Security services. She is an inspiring writer and motivational speaker. She enjoys learning and experimentation. She is passionate about inspiring others to live their best lives.

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