2035 by Shruti Jain and Nilutpal Gohain is a Power Packed Dystopian Novel based on Dark Human-Machine Interaction

Published at the start of the year 2020, this powerful dystopian novel provides futuristic, but dark, insights about the life in the year 2035. It’s evident from the current technological advancements that life then would be confined by inevitable technologies, such as AI, ML, DL, and RPA and so on. Published by Half Baked Beans and written by duo of Shruti and Nilutpal, this novel leaves a mark on people excited about technology and its allied bane and boons to the humanity.

Clearly in the novel, technology acts like antagonist and runs like banter in the backdrop. However, there are two protagonists and they are humans. The story is about Siddhanth Basu and Rhea. More about Siddhanth, yet Rhea sets in a role that could have left the storyline incomplete. While one is Luddite and struggles to get with the sense of lost time, another one is an expert with SmartPhones. The story shuttles between two timelines and India and China and then back to India.

At the semblance of the story one can see that Siddhant is moved abroad due to some crime and when he returns after fifteen years, things have changed to his amazement. So much technology and the way it tries to engulf everything that humans can create and feel is at the stake. Both characters race against the time to save it from machines. Matrix fans will have a gala-gala time with this novel and it’s indeed a must read for people involved in AI and data science or related things.

The story is fast-paced, with optimum characters. It’s a well-thought out novel with some surprising loops here and there.

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