Pratik P Sharda’s Short Story Collection is all about Different Shades of Life

Published by Notion Press, Pratik P Sharda’s book – Life in Different Colours offers around 12 riveting stories. The collection leverages on people’s emotions to paint stories on a canvas called life. The book is full of delightful stories, ranging from a gamut of themes like love, lust, redemption, loss, infatuation and much more. With so many themes in one book, for sure readers can go on a roller-coaster ride and gets an excellent opportunity to meet a variety of characters – some they love, some they empathize, a few they loath.

Books based on life holds special charm and readers pick them quite convincingly as they find the stories relatable either from their life or others. With over 125 Amazon ratings, this book has achieved a special place among the Indian reader base. The book is especially suitable for people extremely busy in their endeavors, as the author himself states that it’s easy to read a short story collection while traveling, in a coffee shop, or just before retiring or at sundry of occasions.

‘Life in Different Colours’ conveys important messages that the author has gained from his parents, friends and many other people whom he met or crossed at in life. In the title, Colours indicate shades of life. Well-written and well-edited, this book is a pleasure to read and savour some of the stories, if not all. It’s a great effort by the author Pratik P Sharda.

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