Kawtar Elmrabti Soars High with Her Poetry Collection ‘Thoughts Alight Poetry’

Written in simple and lucid prose manner, ‘Thoughts Alight Poetry’ by Kawtar Elmrabti is a beautifully sketched collection of poems. One of the dazzling aspects in the book is its readability. Also, the poetess has thoughtfully segmented the book into four sections.

First segment is about ‘Love Thoughts’, it invariably sheds light on mirth and melancholy of hearts deeply and madly in love. The way poetess made use of moon or sun or sea and so on to describe love feelings is way par excellence. This section is one of the longest in the book and probably the most mesmerizing one. In nutshell, love is a beautiful feeling.

Next in the line is ‘Hope Thoughts’, this part is also smooth like other sections, however, much focus is given to hope. Even in this section, the poetess has leveraged the power of stars, moon, sun, and so on to make the prose juicy and soothing. Hope is like life in life – we humans must never give up on our hopes.

The third segment is all about Self Thoughts, a medley of self observation. The poetess made us understand our self powers and self worth.

The fourth one is based on ‘Meditation Thoughts’ – an incredibly amazing section in the collection. This wonderfully depicts the power of meditation and how all our thoughts can be evolved with the help of simple mediation.

Each section simply depicts some emotions which have strong meaning to all of us. The book is simple yet beautiful in its own essence and has a calm feeling. The title of the book is apt to the inside content, while reading one will surely find the musical notes that this collection stirs in minds and hearts.

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