The Burning School by Sandesh Raj is the Most Powerful Book on Kashmir Released this Year

The year 2020 is already unlike any other in history. Nevertheless, the days are getting longer, the weather is getting better, and the good books keep on coming. For dedicated lovers of literature, there is no greater comfort than having lots of pages to turn.

New this time is the novel ‘The Burning School’, the untold story of Kashmir, which is an amazing blend of subplots that lead us to the mainland of Kashmir where we meet special characters like Naved, Ashraf, Ranjit, Usman, Shafia and many more. They all have a viewpoint and their own share of story to see Kashmir. But among all, the most notable is Naved and Panditji – the story revolves around building future for children who throw stones for the sake of their family. Panditji’s part evokes the memories of fled Kashmiri Pandits.

It’s a long but great novel with built on humanity and compassion. The story not only sounds surreal but also appeals us all of to do something constructive in life for the betterment of others like the children of Kashmir. School and education are two prominent themes in the book. Readers loved its lucid narration and extremely fast-paced ambiance so much that it became an Amazon Bestseller instantly.

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About the Author:

Sandesh Raj is in the IT profession and has an ambition to write stories for the film industry. He is a post graduate in Management and Computers. He always thinks about changing the education system and works towards that. This book is his second published work after ‘The Village School’. Sandesh lives in Mumbai with his family.

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