Press Release–Lucid Dream by Atul Mohite Dives into a World of Young School Boy and Weaves a Tale of Romance and Aspirations

Mumbai, (May 24, 2020), Atul Mohite’s debut novel Lucid Dream is conquering hearts every since it got released on March 31, 2020. The book was published by Notion Press and is available in both formats: Kindle and Paperback.

The novel is unique as it beautifully captures the unbridled desires of an aspiring student named Suraj. He wanted to be a technocrat by joining IIT, however, ground reality and his inherent potential takes him to a different route altogether.

The novel is also poignant as it covers a concept of lucid dreaming – a state where people imagine and dream about life while keeping full control over the actions and characters. Well in reality it has nothing to do with the pragmatism. In the novel, Suraj and his friends are someone who always dreams of joining an IIT, for that they take classes but couldn’t pace up enough. Suraj, being down-to-earth, shuts his false dream and pursues the road of writing. He aspires to be a writer and fulfills that journey. The novel also holds a romance angle – that is quite juvenile – but overall it makes the book quite charming.

How does Suraj find his own way? How does he come out of the false pretentions? Will he be able to complete his love story with Naina Arora – his soul mate? Was Suraj able to complete the book he intended to write?

Join Suraj’s journey, and for sure you will be filled with reminisces of your school and college days. The overall ambience of teenage madness and school days makes the novel riveting and charming. It’s a must read for all sorts of dreamers!

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About the Author:

Atul Mohite was born in Karad, Maharashtra, where he currently works as an officer at Bank of India. Apart from banking, he loves to write, indulges in music, and play lawn tennis. Lucid Dream is his first book. Currently, he is working on a few more novels.

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