New Novel, Perseverance Flooded the Streets by Abbey Seitz, is a Must Read to Understand Women’s Safety and Mobility Issues in India

Bangalore, (May 26, 2020), this is a work of beautifully written fiction about contemporary urban public spaces and gender inequality in India. Its basic premise coincides with the central demand that emerged from the December 2012 protests in India, perhaps best articulated in the slogan “bekhauf azaadi” – freedom from fear of mobility. This book explores the ways in which women deserve to be able to move and roam about anywhere they want, and at any time, with no threat to their life.

In this novella, Lovelyn, a graduate student from the USA, reaches India to do some research on mobility and safety of Indian women in urban cities. She meets and confronts many, takes interviews, prepares reports and much more. The result comes out something compelling in the form of her research report.

It’s a good read with India and Wisconsin as backdrops, Abbey Seitz captures a reality that is invisible to millions of Indians for their own women. Away from feminism, the novella presents a dark picture of women in India that have to struggle all time for carrying out their work in and out. Abbey’s impeccable observation brings understanding which insists that Indian women are highly resilient and filled with perseverance. Thus, the title of the book is quite apt, as per the situations presented in the book.

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About the Author:

Abbey Seitz, Minnesota native, is a professional urban and regional planner based in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Her experience in planning and community organizing in Hawai’i has played a distinct role in her writing, leading her to question why and how places, cities, and regions came to be as they are. Perseverance Flooded the Streets is her first book.

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