Press Release–Heart Strings by Sushma Rani Sangam is an Intense Romance Novel with Family Drama

Hyderabad, (May 26, 2020), Heart Strings is one such romance novel in the contemporary Indian arena that is tightly packed with genuine family melancholy and intensity of pure love. The novel is short with 213 pages and published independently is a classic take on finding pure love amidst the heat of professional aspirations and unspeakable chords of two hearts. By all means, the novel is highly unpredictable. It features a ravishing beauty Nitisha, around 25 years age. She is a pediatrician and works as a medical director in one of the famous hospitals in Hyderabad.

The novel sketches a lot of contemporary aspects of the lead character, such as her sub-audition with father and love with mother, her timid boyfriend Pradyumna, and her rapport and reaction to the patients she is dealing with on every day basis. On the other hand, she is in love with that guy Pradyumna working in an IT field. But he is just a middle-class and too ordinary to suit her status.

The novel subtly mixes invisible lines between her professional and personal life. Amazing climaxes begin pouring when her father and his friend Keshawar, a big businessman, intervenes in her life for choosing a marriage partner.

Nitisha has a fight ahead. She doesn’t like the man they represent. She wants her lover Pradyumna to be her husband. But a love story is incomplete without a destiny angle and that’s the real turn in the novel. Find out yourself what happens when some confounding reality struck Nitisha. Does true love exist or people just trade of with one another? The narration is smooth and the storyline gets build slowly, taking its time, like a castle is built in due course of time. A perfect romance with many streaks and conflict of human interests.

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