Nilakshi Garg Soars High with her Debut Romance Novel Mirage

Mirage by Nilakshi Garg is a contemporary romance fiction, written by a debutante Nilakshi Garg. The novel features the story of a young girl named Bethany Carlson. She is a terrific tattoo artist, often busy in her profession, but there is something that haunts her over and again. It is her past – she suffered and felt the pain of break-up and losing the loved one in relationship.

Often it is said that love doesn’t stay the way it begins. Probably, on similar lines, Bethany gets her doom day. The story is quite open and liberating with a modern backdrop, however, the way the author covered feelings and heat of pain in the aftermath of breaking of a relationship is simply soul-stirring.

Bethany Carlson’s fear of being hurt in love is so intense that she totally shuns the chances of falling in love ever in future. Wait a minute…well then comes Gerald Fletcher – a young and ravishing handsome. There is something that strikes chord between both of them. They feel streaks of love for each other, as they roam around or talk or get to know each other better. However, it is Bethany Carlson that is too terrified to test the essence of love once again.

Will she get the second chance? Can she count on this new guy? May be or may be not….one can only know if they pick up this captivating romance. Written in a smooth narration, the novel chugs ahead with a measured pace along with an impressive collection of subplots and twists and turns. Shuttling between love, lust, betrayal, redemption, suspense and so on; for sure, the novel is no lesser than a treat to romance fans.

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About the Author:

nilakshi garg

Nilakshi Garg is the new-age Indian author and entrepreneur. She is also a blogger and a content writer. Her debut novel is Mirage and she has worked in multiple anthologies before.

She manages really a good magazine website:

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