A Truth Be Told by Alyssa Milani: A Perfect Horror to Pick

Alyssa Milani shines with her new horror-thriller novel: A Truth Be Told. Briana is the main lead in the story, with later Charlie joining her in her ordeals with spirits and queer creatures. Briana has had no idea about herself when she finds herself in a strange room. Her only solace is the company of a stranger named Charlie. How did she get there and what lies ahead – purely she has no idea about any of the whims the fate is playing with her.

Soon to make things worse, it’s seen that grotesque creatures come and go into Briana’s mind at their convenience. This proposition scares both and sends chill to their spine. Tumbling with the situations, soon they get into action and get on a way to escape but they didn’t land up at their respective home.

What happens to Briana and Charlie when they found themselves stuck in a bizarre world? Read this interesting story that gives thrills while reading.

The characters and the imaginary world have been sketched nicely. The language of the book is smooth and supports the elements of suspense and horror.

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About the Author

From the moment she was able to hold a crayon in her hand, words would pour out onto any blank page. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Alyssa studied at Concordia University obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Writing and Minor in English Literature. She lives with her husband and their son in Vaudreuil. She wants nothing more than to make her family proud. This is the third completed novel by Alyssa. Her first novel Lylie, is available on Amazon as well as another, What Is and What Once Was: A Series Of Assorted Works, a compilation of short stories, poems, and plays throughout her years studying at Concordia.

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