Marion Hill Helps Millions Discovering Good Books, with his Volume-II

After the grand success of Marion’s 25, the author and book blogger Marion Hill plans to release the second volume of Marion’s 25. Like in his first volume, he spoke about many novels from various genres and diligently guided as how to choose a book to read regardless of any literary taste. This time too, now with an experience of reviewing over 200 books, he is back with much powerful version of himself and his wisdom.

It means reading Marion’s both volumes together is going to be no less than a funfair treat. Indeed a person can tell you to read books, but only experts like Marion can hold your hand and show you the right book even at midnight.

In the second volume of Marion’s 25, one will find dystopian science fiction works, like Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, classic novels, like Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, as well as works by popular contemporary authors, like The Cuckoo’s Calling, by Robert Galbraith (the alter ego of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling) and Stephen King’s shivery horror novel, Bag of Bones.

This time he also seemed like involved non-fiction books like Cal Newport’s Deep Work, and much more. It is going to be much more fun now fiction plus non-fiction.

The language of both the books is lucid. The author really has a good taste in picking and suggesting books to his readers. I have got my next book to read.

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About Marion Hill as a Reader & Book Blogger:

Since his early days as a bookstore assistant, Marion Hill has been a passionate reader. He loves the connection that recommending different books to other readers can bring. Now, as a successful author and book reviewer in his own right, he wants to share his love of books with you so you can experience the same joy he feels whenever he enters the world of a new book.

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