Marion’s 25 by Marion Hill is a Guiding Star for Readers

Reading is one of the finest pleasures for many of us, though there are greater excited passions and hobbies of human race since its dawn, but it seems like that nothing beats reading books, where one gets the life-time opportunities to meet new people, see different landscapes, and feel a gamut of fresh beliefs and customs. Reading is a complete package.

For sure, reading books sets a chord of connection between readers, authors, and the book itself.   It’s a different feeling to experience a book. However, the talk of the town is how to choose from the vast range of books. Nowadays, since the advent of digital publishing, the number of books published every year has been drastically shot up. There are new books, new bestsellers, old classics–the medley becomes even tougher when one, as a reader, finds hard to shuttle between various genres.

There are scores of mentors to guide one for choosing a subject, well if we talk about someone, who has spent good amount of time reading books, is there to help you choose the right set of books suiting your mood and preferences. Worry not–here comes Marion Hill. He is a terrific book blogger and a writer himself, his fantasy series–Diondray Chronicles–has been a great hit among online readers.

To make you come out of the reader’s dilemma, Marion’s 25 solves the problem by offering numerous ideas for great reads, all in at one convenient place. It is a book written by Marion Hill, it exclusively brings to you reviews of 25 of his favorite novels from a range of genres, hence, intending to help you to decide as what to pick next, no matter what your literary taste is.

Marion Hill has been reviewing books 2011 and so far has reviewed over 160 novels. In this book, you will find reviews of books ranging from award winners to New York Times Bestsellers to popular fantasy and war fiction–in fact everything in between.

Be it any book from any genre, one is sure to find some or other to expand his reading range. This book is built on reading experience plus wisdom of a blogger. This is one book that will guide you as how to read books without getting obstructed ever in life.

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About Marion Hill as a Reader & Book Blogger:

Since his early days as a bookstore assistant, Marion Hill has been a passionate reader. He loves the connection that recommending different books to other readers can bring. Now, as a successful author and book reviewer in his own right, he wants to share his love of books with you so you can experience the same joy he feels whenever he enters the world of a new book.

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