Catch up the Diondray Chronicles Book 2 for Adventure and Action

Diondray’s Journey is the Book 2 in the Diondray Chronicles, written by Marion Hill. This book takes on the journey of the lead character Diondray from where it left in the first part.

Diondray’s journey continues in Northern Kammbia. People particularly in that region have different opinions about the book of Kammbia and Diondray’s tries to match his own ideas with them. The book is divided into three parts mainly: Santa Teresa, Alicia and Issabella.

Diondray discovered that the ‘Book of Kammbi’ is interpreted differently by different people. Diondray’s main aim is to unite people and reduce the religious differences between people of two nations.

Diondray’s character has grown a lot in this part of the series. His adventurous journey in the World of Kammbia is something you can’t afford to miss. Although this world of Kammbia is fictional but it seemed so real while reading the story.

In this part, the author attempted likeable takes on love, relationship, and human bonding. In addition to that the second book in the series is a bit longer, thus, filled with jaw-dropping events. An amazing book in the series, with so much lively fun and adventure. In this part, the author has truly evolved as we see the protagonist strives hard for his quest.

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About the Author

Marion Hill is the author of Diondray’s Discovery and Diondray’s Journey, the first two books of the United Kammbia Series set in the fantasy world of Kammbia. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has lived in Atlanta, Georgia, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Living in those cities helped create the world of Kammbia. Marion currently lives in San Antonio.

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