Diondray’s Discovery by Marion Hill: A Fantasy Series Worth Following

Diondray’s Discovery is the first book in the trilogy called Diondray’s Chronicles by Marion Hill.

The first book in the series acts as a preamble. It sheds light on many aspects that needs to be known before Diondray’s journey begins.

Diondray is quite a likable character since there are many of us like him who have faith in what we believe and when we are told otherwise we immediately doubt the new information we receive and everything we ever knew.

The novel is one of its kinds in introducing a new language with some tongue-twisting words such as ‘the month of Une, the sixth month and continued until Berm, the ninth month, and so on.

This book will take you into a totally different world of Kammbia. This is an imaginative place in which the hero Diondray Azura discovers his true identity.

The story commences when Diondray Azura was heading to his family’s home. The refreshing breeze from the Bay of Charlesville uplifted his mood. He had returned home on his mother behest. When the conversation happened between Diondray, his mother Olivia Azur, his uncle Xavier and his aunt Maxima, Diondray discovered about the life that was told to him. His aunt Maxima gives him the Book of Kammbi which gives the answers to all his questions.

Overall a good beginning in the series. Grab a copy of the book to read what happens when Diondray try to find the purpose of his life.

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About the Author

Marion Hill is the author of Diondray’s Discovery and Diondray’s Journey, the first two books of the United Kammbia Series set in the fantasy world of Kammbia. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has lived in Atlanta, Georgia, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Living in those cities helped create the world of Kammbia. Marion currently lives in San Antonio.

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