Diondray’s Roundabout is a Thrilling Fantasy to Conclude the Diondray Chronicles

Diondray must have been a familiar character by now for you. Yes, he hails from the famous Diondray Chronicles. It’s a series of three fantasy books and the last one in the series is Diondray’s Roundabout. From previous two books Diondray gets to know about himself and the people around him and in particular about his grooming. However, this is the last book which also tries to conclude the series by unfurling the events filled with action and adventure.

This book in particular delves deep to find more about the sacred book of Kammbi which Diondray comes across. This book handles him a new sense of purpose in life. He sets on a quest in a wider world and comes across people whom he has to unite for a greater and noble purpose and peace.

In this part of the book series, we see that Diondray travels to rather South in hope of getting recognized, a different land with different taboos and beliefs…somewhat alien but a riveting saga in all aspects. He faces some other and unexpected jolts there, especially people with narrow-mindedness. In the North he was rejected and in the South people don’t believe a speck in the book. Be it any part, Diondray’s challenges and journey never takes a dip. The most amazing thing about this chronicle is measured and fast-paced, with events unfolding one after another, bemusing readers with its charm.

Diondray’s vivid journey and quest and self-belief extends at each page turned, this last book in the series is a pure fun to savour. But it also demands new readers to accept Diondray as a hero and they need to revisit other two parts as well for better reading pleasure.

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About the Author

Marion Hill is the author of Diondray’s Discovery and Diondray’s Journey, the first two books of the United Kammbia Series set in the fantasy world of Kammbia. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has lived in Atlanta, Georgia, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Living in those cities helped create the world of Kammbia. Marion currently lives in San Antonio.

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