Press Release–Atul Mohite’s New Fantasy Novel Jean Angel is Competing Closely with Harry Potter in the Amazon Bestseller

Mumbai, (June 13, 2020), Atul Mohite is a bestselling author of Lucid Dream, a novel on romance and life aspirations. He is back with another Amazon Bestseller in fantasy. His novella Jean Angel has been trending in the bestseller list among the likes of Amish Tripathi and Harry Potter series since it release.

The novella features fifteen-year-old Jean as a protagonist; he has roots from the Kingdom Zesia but grows in another kingdom known as Kala Nagri. There is a huge difference between both the kingdoms and their ruling kings. Jean is a prophecy child and is destined to overthrow the cruel king of Zesia. How and when – fills the rest of the story?

The novella has a holistic approach and is being built on incredible backdrop and other settings that amaze the fantasy readers. Bewitching narration and fast-paced, it’s one of its kind fantasy novel that can be finished in one sitting.

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About the Author:

Atul Mohite was born in Karad, Maharashtra, where he currently works as an officer at Bank of India. Apart from banking, he loves to write, indulges in music, and play lawn tennis. Lucid Dream was his first book. Currently, he is working on a few more novels.

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