Press Release: Based on Lies – The Whole Story by Debarshi Kanjilal is a Dark yet Fascinating Psychological Suspense Novella

Bangalore, (June 13, 2020), Debarshi Kanjilal’s novella ‘Based on Lies – The Whole Story’ is a riveting read for those who love reading dark and intriguing psychological novels. The book is divided into two parts – diary and investigation. The diary part is considerably built on lies of a man named Anurag Sanyal. The diary indicates that Anurag is not a normal person, he could be a psychopath or depressive or lunatic or more. The diary is full of odd feelings and heinous crimes he did. However, the second part of the novella delves deep to find whether the crimes mentioned in the diary are real or just his imagination.

Combining both parts, the novella turns out to be an interesting read, however, the only catch is that most of the readers read it more than once. Based on lies and deception and odd imagination, this is one dark psychological suspense thriller that can shock any reader that reads with a right mind. The novel is poignant in bringing out the darkest side of imagination. The author tried portraying that not all imaginations are sort of fantasies, some are dark as well. And Anurag is that chap who is lost in some dark world mentally.

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About the Author:

Debarshi Kanjilal is a contemporary Indian author who writes short books and novellas in multiple genres. He is passionate about telling uniquely interesting and surreal stories set against simplistic backdrops. He has been writing novellas since 2015 and his goal is to complete writing ten good books before the year 2025.

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