The Quantum Cartographer by Kristen Keenon Fisher is a Riveting Time traveling Science Fiction

Time travel books are sub-genre of sci-fi. Books based on time-travel are often interesting as they have no fixed range or timeline; readers get to see almost all aspects in one book. On the similar lines, there is this riveting novel – The Quantum Cartographer by Kristen Keenon Fisher.

It is a brilliant time-travel and action-packed fiction. The novel opens up in the year 2033 in Nevada, USA. A mysteries man named Proctor, all of sudden with eight escorts, ambushes the home of Eliza Carrefour, a former scientist at Holifax. After a short scuffle and fight, she runs away with his special two-year-old son Nija to a safe hideout. Anyways, she was prepared for this day owing to her past work life at Holifax that stopped operations abruptly.

Proctor and his gang steal children to transport to some other portals for their motifs. To restore everything alright in the current or future time, Eliza sends his son Nija back in time. Here after, the novel belongs to Nija and his story, full of adventure.

Why did Eliza send his son to back in time and what fate did he meet there – fills the rest of the narration? Second chapter onward till the last page, it is Nija that dominates the story, and to his company there is his guide cum mentor Serros.

The novel advances quite fast with some queer jargon and terms but that is fine as it was all referring to different portals and timelines in the story. Nija’s personal struggle and battles shines throughout the book. Once readers get accustomed to all portals and theories and reasons related to Cartographer and Twentieth Century Millennium in Ancient Kressya, the novel becomes unputdownable.

With great storyline and lucid narration, this is one of the best sci-fi novels of today built around time travel concept.

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