Bedtime Stories for Kids get better with Potpourri by Urvashi Tandon

Potpourri is a captivating read, full of bedtime stories for children age up to 12 or so. The book is written by Urvashi Tandon and published by Notion Press, so far the book has received good response at Amazon and Goodreads platforms.

The book is a short read – it means parents or elders can read stories to kids easily and repetitively. It consists of 10 short and colourful stories, with enticing illustrations. The book aims to deliver both – entertainment and moral values to the children.

In particular, the stories tries to teach kids the value of many things in life, such as feeding stray dogs, respecting elders, conserving nature, sharing and caring, friendship, and much more.

Reading bedtime or even simple stories for kids is a fun activity and books like Potpourri should be accepted with open hearts. All stories are good and enhance moral values into children, with full on fun and mirth. Written in simple and easy-to-understand language, makes this book instantly favourite for children and their parents.

Overall, it’s a brilliant book with content, artwork, illustration, and moral teachings. An attractive book for children!

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