Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman by Mehool Parekh is a Different and Extremely Exciting Murder Mystery

Published by Leadstart, Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman is a debut work of Mehool Parekh. The novel features Major Bartaman Bhowmick, an army personal based in Pune. The novel opens up with a brutal murder of Rupali – she was found dead in her apartment. What could be the reason behind her murder as she was happy in her marriage life?

As the novel chugs ahead a crime reporter named Robin Chowdhury joins Major Bartaman to solve this case. The duo shows signs of brilliance and keen thinking and takes the case ahead by digging into the past life of the victim, which helps them a lot. The way events unfold one after another is, for sure, going to lure the readers. Right from the start, the gusto and the suspense elements in the novel never sees a dip. It could be regarded as one of the best murder mystery novels by an Indian author in the contemporary times.

The story shuttles between past life of Rupali and present-day investigation. With measured pace, the novel reaches its destination where things begin making right sense and readers might get the reward for their patience. The charm of any good murder mystery is that after one point of time, it becomes unputdownable, so is the case with this book. Readers are thrown into a loop of immense suspense and they would be exciting to jump to the last page to the fate.

The intriguing storyline of the novel draws the attention of the readers that must have kept them awake for many nights so that they too could solve the mystery along with the duo.

Overall, Bhoot Bhavish Bartaman by Mehool Parekh is a must and definitely read book, filled with suspense and murder mystery elements. What will you do if you find a ravishing woman brutally murdered in her bed? Read now and solve the mystery.

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About the Author:

A finance professional, Mehool has, over time, worked as a management consultant, equity research head and a fund manager. He ran a successful venture capital fund and is currently a private equity investor in growth companies. In between these, he has dabbled in film finance and production and owns a well-known media company. He lives in Mumbai with his family.

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