Press Release – The Law of Capture by Joe Totten Elevates the Glory of Old West

The Law of Capture narrates the story of a man who often changed names and lived a life of free will and always took law for granted.

Joe Totten has beautifully stitched the stories of survival and outlaws in the ravishing backdrop of Old West. This novel mainly focuses on Corky Vance who later becomes Edward Valentine. The man begins his life as a soldier in a war and then takes various jobs, including of a cattle herder, county sheriff, and Pinkertin detective to a hired assassin.

The novel is about late 19th century and early 20th century. The story is poignant in highlighting the conflict of interests, racial difference between native tribes and settling white men, gun rules, cattle business, and hostility towards modern society. The novel is not only about Edward or a few white people, it also narrates the tales and lore from the natives.

Kevin Mallik, at Kevein Books and Reviews, gave it a 5-Star review:

“The Law of Capture Hell by Joe Totten has all the makings for a perfect Western adventure story. I was taken back to the late 1800s… If you are a fan of the Western genre, it will not disappoint! I really enjoyed this book – it would make a wonderful TV movie. It’s a riveting Western.”

‘The Law of Capture’ is now available at Amazon and other online book dealers.

About the Author:

Joe Totten has been writing professionally for more than 20 years, creating entertaining advertising campaigns in the country including Intel, Microsoft, and Verizon. Over the years, Joe’s work has won several advertising awards for creative excellence. The award he is most proud of is winning the 2016 Utah Original Writing Competition for his short story The Startling Killers. The Law of Capture is his first novel. Joe lives in Utah with his wife.

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