SELF-PUBLISHING: Expectation vs Reality by Nataraj Sasid Offers an Excellent Overview of Self-publishing Industry

Bangalore (7 July 2020), published by Book Media, SELF-PUBLISHING: Expectation vs Reality by Nataraj Sasid is a very relevant book for Writing Community. The stance of publishing has changed since the advent of the Internet, as nowadays most of the authors prefer choosing to get published self or by vanity publishers.

This book lists out as why to choose self-publishing over traditional publishing and it covers in depth the advantages and disadvantages of all publishing patterns. However, special concern has given to ‘why do most self-published authors fail and how to become a best-selling author?’

It’s segmented wisely and takes you to all aspects that teach one to become a good and successful author. There are chapters on being a good writer, with tips. Then introduction to types of publishing: self, vanity, and traditional. Extensive knowledge on ‘package’ offered by self-publishing companies. How e-book changed the publishing field and the role of POD (print on demand) in making self-publishing a successful entity.

The author has worked with many publishers in his life and it is the same experience that has nudged him to write this pragmatic book on self-publishing. Step by step, the author presented tips, if implemented, can make any self-published author successful. He also guides how to sell a book and the resource section is awesome – it can really help one in creating interesting cover designs and listing books at various platforms like KDP, Google Books, Kobo, and so on.

The book is not just about giving useful publishing insights but also enhances one with marketing tips and types of publishing options before getting into a career of writing. Overall, a short read! Laced with useful information! Every author must pick up this book.

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About the Author:

Nataraj Sasid has been in the publishing industry for almost two decades having worked with many top publishers and authors all over the world.

The idea of writing a book struck as he has seen authors struggling to publish their work as most of them couldn’t see the light of the day, some if they get the opportunity to publish are being cheated as there are many vanity publishers who are taking advantage of the authors wanting to publish their works, hence the authors are moving towards self-publishing industry. Thus, he decided to write a book as an insider to guide the upcoming authors.

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