Once There Was Me by Bobby Sachdeva is a Gripping Semi-Autobiography with Shocking Communal Disharmony Insights

Bobby Sachdeva made a sensational debut with Stories of Us –a collection of short stories, published by Pan India. And his second book ‘Once There Was Me’ is more about his own life, with a tinge of fiction in it.

The story starts in 1984 when Mrs. Indira Gandhi was killed by her Sikh body guards. Due to this, killing of Sikhs started in Delhi. That time Bobby was fourteen, living with his family in Delhi. His mother and sister hide themselves in the neighbor’s house but Bobby and his father were in their house. Soon mob broke into his house and burnt it half but luckily Bobby and his father saved themselves by hiding in the water tank.

After that they had to move to Amritsar just because of their religion. Years back, due to religion, his grandfather had to move with his family from Pakistan to India. Great insights about our history have been shared in this book. Readers may be terror-stricken while reading all dreadful accounts of Bobby. They would have tough time in believing as how Bobby and his family and many other people like him gone through such a horrendous phase.

Penned down in a simple language, the novel brims with modern history of our country. A great story…worth reading anytime!

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About the Author:

Bobby Sachdeva is a storyteller by choice and a businessman by profession. He writes stories to highlight the problems with norms and standards in our changing society and the ways to resolve these. Some of these short stories are being made into short films now and filmmakers have shown interest in his writing. This is his first novel. Bobby lives in Amritsar with his family and owns a film production studio named Ajab Productions.

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