The Brave and the Wicked by Brandon Clarke is an Exciting Horror Thriller

The Brave and the Wicked by Brandon Clarke is the book one in the Dark Mysteries of the Paranormal Saga. This novel is power pack of horror, supernatural, and magical themes – all into one. Staged against Salem, the story starts with Jennifer – a witch with magic – she is about to die due to cancer. Do witches die of diseases like cancer? There is more in the inside story?

After her death, Jade leads the story as a protagonist. Who is she? She too is a witch and hardly knows about her powers. Well, she is the daughter of Jennifer. But before Jennifer could die, she passes one responsibility to Jade – to protect a box – it has a monster inside it.

Fred, brother of Jennifer, is lusting after that box like anything. He wants to grab it at any cost. Jade and her boyfriend Grayson give a tough fight to Fred but to no avail. He runs off with the box. What’s in the box? Of course there is a monster and Fred wants to master him for his personal benefit. But things turn out sour for him. Fred lands up being framed in a sanguinary painting and the monster of the box causes havoc on the people of Salem. Humans and witches all unite to fight? But in that process, the entire responsibility falls on Jade – will she be able to defend herself and save people from that monster? How she can do that fills the rest of the narration.

Other than Jade, Grayson, and Fred, there are some characters that run here and there in line with the overall plot. Despite that distraction, readers will not be disturbed from the line of entertainment and focus. Basically its substantial storyline makes it a riveting novel that can give anyone many wakeful nights.

Written in engaging tone and laced with action, adventure, melancholy, and drama; it perfectly makes up a perfect horror story with other themes supporting the overall backdrop.

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