The Ghost of Kyle Sugarbraker is a Dramatic Supernatural Story

The Ghost of Kyle Sugarbraker by Brandon Clarke is the book two in the Dark Mysteries of the Paranormal Saga. Like the previous novel, the Brave and the Wicked, it’s also set against the magical backdrop of Salem, a place where witch and humans have glorified themselves by fighting off monsters. If you would pick up more of Clarke’s novels, you would get that feel of Salem.

This is a horror novel laced with super drama and action. On one side, it’s about a young and talented teen Kyle Sugarbraker (KS in short), on the other hand side, there is Zane, a school student. When Zane joins a new school, he gets a locker in the gym with KS written on it. Soon, he begins feeling and seeing a ghost of a school boy. He wants to find out more. He discusses the same with his father Max. He gets no good results. But for sure, there is something dubious about KS.

As it surfaces that KS means Kyle Sugarbraker. The town Salem see new ghost in its vicinity – this time it is of Kyle Sugarbraker. The novel runs between two timelines, Zane in the contemporary times, and Kyle in 1990s in the same school where Zane has been enrolled now.

This novel has terror, ghost stories, revenge, and much more. As the ghost of KS begins counting people for revenge, the story becomes unputdownable. Who killed him and why? And why did it choose to trouble Zane, the innocent school boy.

Grab your copy from Amazon and delve deep into another magical reading experience.

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