Faith and the Beloved by Kochery C Shibu is an Amazon Bestseller owing to its Riveting Storyline

With over 350 plus ratings in Amazon, Kochery C Shibu’s second novel Faith and Beloved shot into fame as soon as it got released and also became an Amazon bestseller in Crime, Thriller & Mystery category. The novel has been built on profound back stories and sweeps to deliver a sizzling thriller. At first, the novel features parallel stories, and later they mingle with one another to a level of inextricable thrill.

At the center are Alice Cherokil and Prem Rollands. Between them are many auxiliary yet catalytic characters like Tony D’ Souza from Canada with connection to LTTE and terror outfits, next is Naithy Cherokil, the businesswoman – she gets into deadly situations owing to her lust craving, and there is Prem’s elder brother Arun – a sort of thief and fraudster. Much of their mistakes and blunder put both Prem and Alice in a grim situation and they live on-the-run lives and seek to outpace and outwit each other. Alice is racing against the time to save her mother Naithy, while Prem is seething to avenge the untimely death of his brother Arun.

Between their stories, there is a huge connection of terror outwits, Mumbai’s mafia world, LTTE, diamonds smuggling and more. When all the pieces are put together, the novel midway achieves the feat of unputdownable. With amazing storyline and so much deception and action, it indeed redefines the crime thriller genre of the Indian literature.

Author Kochery C Shibu is a promising literary star. He is worth to be watched!

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About the Author:

Kochery C Shibu graduated from the prestigious National Defence Academy in 1981. He has served in the INdian Navy and commanded two warships.

Post his retirement he has executed hydroelectric projects in the Cauvery river basin in Karnataka, Beas river basin in Himachal and Teesta river basin in Sikkim. He holds a postgraduate degree in Defence Studies from Chennai University, and MA in English literature from Pune University.

Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar is his debut novel. The technical content of the novel, namely the setting up of a hydro-project is drawn from his experience in these projects since 2005, as are many of the characters inspired from those whom he encountered on site.

Kochery C Shibu was born in Kochi and now lives in Bangalore with his wife and daughter.

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