Author Interview: Nataraj Sasid Unveils Reality vs. Myth in his New Book about Self-Publishing

Nataraj Sasid, the founder of Book Media, is a veteran of publishing industry. In various stances, he worked with authors and all types of publishers to observe the working of the industry. His debut book Self-Publishing: Expectation vs Reality has spiraled from his own experience. The book serves as a hot help for new and aspiring authors regarding publishing and marketing the book.

He speaks to NEWS WORLD INC on self-publishing, book marketing, and the nature of the overall publishing industry.

NWI: How did you come up with the idea of writing a book on self-publishing? Or what inspired you to write this book?

Recently there has been a spike of authors trying to publish their books, they don’t do research properly or do they have a basic idea about self-publishing, so they have been taken for granted by some publishing houses that make many fake promises.

So, I came up with a book that will be helpful for the upcoming self-publishing authors to distinguish the reality of self-publishing.

NWI: How do you feel being an Amazon Bestseller author with your first book?

I feel elated to be an Amazon bestseller.

NWI: Would you mind telling a bit about your publishing company – Book Media?

We have assisted to publish about 30,000 books for top publishing houses and self-publishing authors all over the world. We are one of the top service providers to leading publishing houses.

NWI: How did you do research for this book?

Many people who write want to be a bestselling author overnight; they want to anyhow publish anything. That is one of the reasons I came up with this book to help budding writers to be a good author, as good author’s read and research on many books before writing content.

NWI: How do you see yourself as India’s rising mentor in the publishing field?

Books have been my passion since my childhood and that is the reason I chose the publishing field however the readership in India is very low as compared to the world market, I want to bring about a change hence wrote the book which will cater to the budding writers to write a book which is very engaging so that the current readership will be on a rise. 

NWI: What do you think about self-publishing in India? What are your personal thoughts on it?

In India, self-publishing is rapidly growing at a fast pace as more and more authors are trying to come with their stories and motivational books. If 100 authors approached us to publish their books of which 70% are motivational books, 10% belong to biographies, 10% are related to self-help and hardly 10% are of good content so the readership in India is less compared to the world market hence you can imagine where we are headed.

NWI: Would you mind telling a bit about your next book?

I have been writing a few drafts which are in the pipeline to be published.

NWI: What authors or books have been great influences on you?

I read a lot of books irrespective of genres whichever I lay my hands on.

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