In Interview with Amazon Bestseller Author Kochery C Shibu: What it takes to Write a Gripping Crime Thriller

His latest crime thriller, Faith and the Beloved is a talk of the town, with over 500 ratings and reviews everywhere. Kochery C Shibu knows how to make a story riveting by adding fiction and wisdom from his own life. He is a popular author from India, with a Wikipedia page.

He spoke to News World Inc about crime thrillers, inspiration, and his favorite recent read.

NWI: How was writing a crime thriller different from writing some other genre books such as romance, adventure, and so on?

Crime thriller is about the interlinking of time, space and people with a particular event, in this case a crime. The perception of the event as seen by various people based on the amount of information that is available to each one of them. Piecing together the puzzle as the story unfolds and keeping the readers appetite vetted.

NWI: How did the idea for this novel come to you? How did it evolve as you were writing?

The novel is a work of over two years. A lot of research has gone in to the same. The development of the novel was an iterative process as the writing progressed.

NWI: Your novel uses alternating chapters in several points of view to reveal the truth about a twisted character. Do you tend to envision the story from one perspective first, or do all of these perspectives come to you along the way?

The story is seen from the characters perspective. Getting in to the skin of the character is a key to see how the events are seen by each character. A lot of detailing and iteration takes place along with the development of the writing.

NWI: In your opinion, what makes a great Crime Thriller? What are some of your favorites?

Credible characters and realistic events interspersed over time space and people.

NWI: How do you feel to see your book as an Amazon Bestseller since it release?

Pleasantly surprised!

NWI: What books or authors has been your greatest influence?

Numerous books and many a number of authors. R.K. Narayan would stand out. 

NWI: What’s the best thing you’ve read recently?

Writing this book. 

NWI: Do mixed reviews affect you?

Reader is the king and the queen.

NWI: What are you working on next?

Working on many ideas. Nothing firm as yet.

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