An Interview with Subodh Sharma: the Author of Amazon Bestseller Novel ‘Reminisce of the Lost Land’

Subodh Sharma knows how to put a streak of history in the characters and how to set them on a trail to find their lost past and heritage. Author of two Amazon Bestseller novels, he is a different type of author. His books are subtle yet interesting. Readers have grown fond of him as his stories and characters rarely leave them even when they close the books.

He speaks to NEWS WORLD INC about his writing aspirations, inclination towards history and heritage, and much more.

NWI: Welcome to our audience…Subodh. Here people are excited to know about your book. You can tell us in short?

Louise is dealing with her personal struggle. She completes her assignment as a film maker, and returns back home. It gave her a new, but personal achievement. Her visit to this new place and her stay in the ancient fort set in her some new experiences. At a later stage of her life, there is reminisce of the place which she could not visit again, specially the time spent, and her interactions she had with the people and the royal family made her emotional. Hence the stories emerged.

NWI: How did you feel when you this novel became Amazon Bestseller?

It was something out of the blue. The most unexpected happening filled my heart with happiness.

NWI: How do you manage your life and time being an author?

The reality being, for the past few years I am staying alone at Igatpuri, while my family is at Mumbai. I travel on the weekends. This sort of forced or rather self exile has been a great boon in disguise, provided me time. It also aroused certain emotional and sentiment thoughts, which I could constructively use in writing short stories, as I talked with my imaginary characters.

NWI: What inspired you to write this novel? Is it based on your life or some true events?

First let’s be honest, that it is a pure fiction. It’s not based on any factual events or any known personality. If one observes the phrases in life, one can live in the present and plan for the future. Then, there comes a time when the past begins to dominate, and influences the individuals thinking. Reminisce- Writing about the past experiences, which one remembers with some sort of pleasure, was the theme. I tried to put forth the same in a dreamy way of good times. The imaginary characters had to be rolled into the common thread of past experiences.

NWI: How did your colleagues and seniors and friends and relatives react when you published this novel?

I did receive a good amount of support and appreciated. There was guidance at times. Finally a good amount of excitement, when the book was published.

NWI: Is there any character that you like most from your book?

There are few characters like – Louise, Manji, Kevadiya, Nandini and Anshik Kumari. But the best is Diwan, even though he is in the shadow in the entire flow of short stories.

NWI: What is your biggest aspiration and inspiration as an author?

In fact I was inspired quite early, it was during my college days, by the poem written by Boris Pasternak -“Love Wins”, specially the lines -” To give your all, this is creation, and not to deafen and eclipse…….”. I wanted to be a poet. Later the short novel by Earnest Hemingway-“The old man and the sea” , mentally stimulated me to be a writer of short stories.

NWI: Do you think that publishing a book in India is tough?

I personally don’t think so. The present moment provides ample opportunity and means for the first time writers, to write and publish their books.

NWI: Are you planning to write any novel/book other than memoir genre?

I am attempting to write on a different subject or theme. It is not specifically a romantic story. At this juncture, I cannot deny either, as there could be some special moments, as the story flows ahead with its events.

NWI: What are you working on next?

At present, I am dreaming, and talking to my new imaginary characters that are quite young and living in isolation or rather at isolated place. I can only presume that the imaginary characters and the events materialize into an effective story.

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