Press Release – Gamed (Will Love Find Me) by Kaveri Bhar takes a New Dimensional Stance on Modern Relationships

Kolkata, (30 July 2020), Kaveri Bhar’s debut romance novel, ‘Gamed – will love find me is an interesting novel about a young married woman named Kristina. She explores the career and other life opportunities when deserted by her husband Smith. The unique point in the novel is that she is left behind by her loving husband Smith just after six months of marriage. Another startling fact is that their marriage was a love marriage, not arranged.

Kristina is heartbroken but doesn’t give up so easily. Like any sane woman, she tries to resurrect her relationship. She waits for Smith for over two years. She moves out of her hometown and continues working in her professional field. On the other hand, Smith moves out to the UK and shows no sign of return. What could be the reasons that he didn’t want to come back for Kristina?

In the next climax, we see that Kristina develops a good rapport with Craig, a handsome man from her new office. He is married but both are drawn to each other. Why? Is Craig, too, a victim of bad marriage? Maybe…the inside story waits discovery of readers.

One thing is certain that the equations of life and relationships have changed. The era of waiting and compromise is almost over. Now people always look to start life afresh. On the similar lines, is built the character of Kristina. However, she is bold and accepts the truth with open arms.

The novel is slightly inclined towards feminism, but overall a good read for womenfolk. Published by Blue Rose Publishers, the book is available at all leading online retail stores.

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About the Author:

Kaveri Bhar is one of the founding members of an IT consulting group based out of Kolkata, India, which works in the field of data science, ML, and AI technologies.

She was brought up in a private township owned by Tata Steel called Ghatotand, in Jharkhand. After completing her metric class, she moved to Kolkata for higher studies.

Owing to her work, Kaveri often travels abroad, which fuels her creative experience and she tries to sketch stories from her observation and traveling. Gamed – Will Love Find Me? is her debut romance novel. This novel is the book one in the Gamed trilogy. Currently, she is working on two more books of the series.

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