In Interview with Kaveri Bhar: the Author of Gamed–Will Love Find Me?

Kaveri’s debut romance book, Gamed–Will Love Find Me? is well-received by reading communities. This is the book first in the Gamed trilogy. The novel covers the story of Kristina who is left in lurch by her husband Smith. The novel is poignant in redefining the modern couple’s relationship in the light of career aspirations.

She speaks to NEWS WORLD INC about her writing aspirations, inclination towards adult romance, and much more.

NWI: What inspired you to write this novel? Is it inspired by any Mills and Boons novel?

Inspiration is everywhere – Newspaper, Internet, FM and people. Ideas keep connecting one after another till I have the beautiful plot as the end result.

I’m yet to read any Mills and Boons novel. Many of friends have asked this same question.

NWI: How did you evolve the concept of modern relationships in this novel?

Kristina married her best friend but he start behaving indifferently after the marriage, owing to their own career choices and support their families, they live separately but then if they have to live as individual then they shouldn’t have got married in the first place. Now, Craig is unhappy in his marriage as well, maybe it is his last chance to live happily because he is also aging. Will Kristina leave Smith due to Craig or she leaves Craig due to the social stigma and forgets that she could have another chance.   

NWI: How did you feel when your book published?

I have put more than one and half years of writing into this book, honestly, when it finally got published, I didn’t feel anything because somehow down the line, I knew it is written to be published. Many friends were asking for the second book particularly who have already read the first book, and I was feeling stressed because there is so much work left to be completed for the book 2.

NWI: How did you do research for this book?

I wrote the book entirely on my cell phone, I would switch between the word document in the Google drive and the Google browser. All the beautiful descriptions and articulated words, I searched in Google with plot that I had then in my mind.

NWI: What are some of your favourite romance authors?

Stephenie Meyer for Twilight series, Nicky Charles for Law of Lycans series, Sylvia Day for Crossfire series, J.R.Ward for Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Jamie McGuire for Beautiful series and many more.

NWI: Which character you liked most from your book?

It got to be the lead character Kristina. She is not perfect, but she embraces her mistakes, continuously she is growing into something more beautiful.

NWI: Why did you put so much detailing about each character?

I wanted the audience to see as if it is happening in reality, feel the rhythm of the plot and understand what is going on every heart and soul rather than just focusing on the lead character Kristina. Many of these characters will repeat in two other books then maybe I won’t be able to justify their act so a lot of detailing was needed for the success of the whole series and each book puts up beautiful story with little clarification and a little more to be filled by the next book in the series.

NWI: What are you working on next?

I’m putting the climax of the second book and I’m sure nobody can guess the plot.

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