Press Release — Reminisce of the Lost Land by Subodh Sharma Beautifully Captures the Struggles, Joys, and Growing up against the Flitting of Time

Mumbai (July 31, 2020), Reminisce of the Lost Land by Subodh Sharma is a fine subjective short novel about time, emotions, and nostalgia. The core of the novella is based on pulling out the strings of the good old days of the royal family of Bhangasura and the people connected to the heritage. The book was released in both formats: Kindle and Paperback by White Falcon Publishing on July 24, 2019.

At length, the novella covers the connected stories of more than five characters along with the French woman Louise and the central figure of Diwan. As the stories nudge and intersect each other, reminisces wound up and down the memory lane, a farrago of feelings about old days lay open for discussion and introspection.

“This novella is of great importance to cherish the gold from the early days. With time and vagaries of fate, life is bound to change and it is depicted perfectly through this novella.”– Kevein Books and Reviews

About the Author:

Subodh Sharma was born in Mumbai to a family of documentary filmmakers. After completing his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and moving away from the family profession, he began his carrier in the automobile industry. He worked at Mahindra and later at Same Deutz –Fahr. At present, he is working with Parveen Industries, the company involved in the manufacturing of Downhole and Completion tools. The company is based at Igatpuri. The idyllic, lush green and silent environment of Igatpuri was an inspiration to the author, initially getting involved with photography and finally into writing. He is also the author of the book — Joy in Small Things.

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