In Interview with Nayana Phukan: the Author of Dawn in Florence

Nayana Phukan’s debut romance novel, Dawn in Florence, is a charming yet realistic love tale. This novel is entirely different in its intensity and stance. It features Leena Shenoy, a single parent in late thirties, who falls in love with an Indian guy against the beautiful backdrop of Italy.

She speaks to NEWS WORLD INC about her writing aspirations, inclination towards romance, and much more.

NWI: What inspired you to write this novel?

Nayana: From our surroundings to the television, from our daily life to the news portals, inspiration is everywhere. Usually, we root for a happily ever after in every love story, but that is not realistic all the time. I have been blessed with fair opportunities to travel a lot and to experience unique and different stories of people which inspired me to write this novel that is very realistic and different from the ones with a fancy ending.

NWI: How is it different from any typical Mills & Boons novel?

Nayana: This is a story of a strong and independent single mother Leena Shenoy, who falls in love with a married man, far away from her kids, in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. Her complicated love story that blossomed in the beautiful parts of Italy, taught her about that side of love, which is just like a rose with thorns, beautiful yet painful. Unlike any typical Mills & Boons novel, this story ends with a realistic note rather than a fancy ending. ‘Dawn in Florence’ is a tale of unconditional and mature love that is special without a ‘happily ever after’ or a ‘tragic’ ending.

NWI: How did you evolve the concept of modern and pragmatic relationship in this novel?

Nayana: As I have already mentioned above, I had fair opportunities to travel a lot, to observe different people and to experience their stories. Some stories remain incomplete due to social pressures and taboos. I wanted to write something realistic rather than a fairy tale one and came up with this pragmatic fiction story of Leena and Siddharth.

NWI: How did you feel when your book published?

Nayana: I have put a lot of time, energy and effort to write this book and I am feeling happy when it is published. But what makes me happier is the beautiful feedback and compliments from the readers. I just hope everyone loves to read my book and embrace it with love and support.

NWI: How did you do research for this book?

Nayana: To be very honest, I didn’t do much research for this book. This book and its characters are outcomes of my imagination.

NWI: Which character you liked most from your book?

Nayana: I like all the characters from my book as all of them are very close to my heart but my favorite one is the female protagonist, Leena.

NWI: How is writing ‘Dawn in Florence’ special to you?

Nayana: Anything that is first is always special. ‘Dawn in Florence’ is my first novel and writing this novel was a bit of a journey for me. This novel and all the characters of this novel are very close to my heart and will always remain special to me.

NWI: How do you see your career as an author of novels?

Nayana: As an author, I will always try to treat readers with unique and interesting stories.

NWI: What are some of your favourite romance authors?

Nayana: Stephenie Meyer, Nora Roberts, E.L. James and Chetan Bhagat.

NWI: Why did you put so much detailing about the beautiful landscape of Italy?

Nayana: I am an avid traveler and just before writing this novel, I went to Italy for a vacation. I was mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes of Italy and I spared no effort to describe those beautiful places in my novel with the hope that people would love it.

NWI: What are you working on next?

Nayana: I have just started working on my next book where you will find more suspense than romance.

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