Press Release – Expand: The Conscious Parent-Child Life Journey by Poornima Swamy and Dhaanya

Written by mom and daughter duo, the book Expand explores the gaps between parents and their children. It is one of the best books available today that explain psychologically why a stronger bond is needed between parents and children. The book is segmented into three parts – types of parents and children – personal story of the author – examples from real lives.

Right since the first page, the book is an interesting read owing to thoughts and colourful pictures. The authors have tried to explain the situations from both perspectives i.e. child and parent. The best chapters in the book are about types of parents. It is obvious that the way parents care or handle their children, they learn from it or get affected and later in life they become like that. The book conveys the message that if you want to understand your child, probably then you need to look into the gaps that cause drift in you.

For modern parents, this book is more than a guide. The author Poornima narrates her own painful story as how she would get bullied at school, and at home by her father, she was married at an early age in a village. The author has seen it first hand and when she was bestowed with a daughter she realized that she cannot follow the footsteps of her parents. Thus, she creates a good ambience and bonding with her daughter Dhaanya, who is also co-authoring this book. The mom and daughter duo shares their experiences about parent-child life journey in this book.

The book has been published by BookMedia Publishing Company. It is available at all leading online stores.

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About the Authors:

Mrs. Poornima Swamy is a renowned Behavioural Resolution, Past Life Regression & Hypnosis Practitioner, Integrated Healer, Certified Trichologist who handles Mind Health, Trichological, and Behavioral resolution such as Trichotillomania in Children and youngsters! She is also an MD in Acupuncture, Certified as Varma Guru in Varma Treatments. Holds a wide experience of 12+ years of Practicing in the field of Mind and Health. She is also mother to Ms. Dhaanya, a kid who has just entered teenage (Thirteen years old). Dhaanya is also the Co-author of this book.

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