Press Release – Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu’s New Book is a Must Read for Stock Market Investors

The Art and Science of Real Wealth by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu is the second book from the author. In this book, many loved his philosophy about wealth and spirituality and bashing on the FUKUS system and brokers of Dalal and Stock market pimps. The book is holistically divided into two parts. First part is the narrative of the author who spent 26 years in the stock market related investments. He provides A to Z insights about the stock market of India and the USA. He narrates the ups and downs of his stints in the market. Two things are concurrent throughout the book – honesty and bold narrative. The author believes that you if read the book on wealth creation, probably you learn a lot and avoid mistakes that most people make.

The second part of the book is taken from his first book, Arya Dharma: The Noble Dharma. It’s a short part where the author explains how to lead a peaceful and satisfied life, by not running behind the money lust. He talks about the real meaning of wealth in a spiritual way. The main aspect behind happiness is SEVA – selfless service. When this happens all things fall in place. It’s SEVA that can give us real Ram Rajya.

The first part of the book is impressive with examples and theories related to finance. I liked how he picked almost forgotten figures like Jesse Livermore and Nikolai Kondratiev and explained the things step by step. This book is like a perfect blend of personal experience, knowledge from the experts, and philosophy.

All is explained in a lucid way, with proper emphasis given on spiritual/human factors like hope, greed, ignorance, and fear. As per the author, he remained a failed investor for 24 years owing to these factors. But as soon as he won over them by practicing meditation, he recovered all his loses in just one year.

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About the Author:

Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu’s passions include his family, his pets, farming, yoga, meditation, nature and writing on issues close to his heart in his blog

He possesses an ME in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida, with nearly 22 years of rich experience in the Global Engineering Consulting industry.

He has topped the Entrepreneurship Essentials NPTEL Course 2019 (top 2%) by IIT Kharagpur. He is a member of American Mensa since 2000.

He is the founder of Shambhala Samathvam, a start-up focused on niche innovative solutions for Real Estate, Agriculture and Natural Living.

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