Richa Gupta’s Short Story Collection ‘Slices of Life’ Depicts Various Shades of Life

Richa Gupta’s short story collection ‘Slices of Life’ is a compendium of 12 serious and light-hearted stories. It leverages on women’s emotions and circumstances to paint stories on the canvas of life.

There are delightful stories on a gamut of themes like love, lust, redemption, loss, feminism, theft, betrayal and much more. With such a variety of themes in one book, readers can surely enjoy a roller-coaster ride and meet a variety of characters – to love, empathize with, feel sorry for or loathe.

Books based on everyday life hold a special charm as readers find the stories relatable as they echo their life or that of others. With over 40 ratings on Goodreads and Amazon, this book has achieved a special place among the Indian reader base.

The book is especially suitable for people who are busy in their endeavours. As the author herself states, it’s easy to read a short story collection while travelling, in a coffee shop, before retiring or on sundry occasions.

In the title, ‘Slices’ indicates aspects of life. Well-written and well-edited, this book is a pleasure to read and savour. It’s a great effort by the author.

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About the Author:

After an academic and professional career, Richa Gupta has devoted herself to creative writing since 2017 and has published three novels.

She has been a senior teacher of English in reputed schools for 19 years and an Instructional Designer for training and e-learning in the corporate sector for nine years. Through the years, she has also executed a large volume of technical editing and curriculum development assignments and conducted training workshops in technical writing.

In September, 2017, Richa Gupta published her first novel titled ‘Phoenix’, inspired by the plight of women in India who face discrimination after a failed marriage. In September, 2018, she published her second novel titled ‘Skeins,’ a light-hearted novel in a travel environment that explores serious issues. Recently, in June 2020, she published her third book, ‘Slices of Life’ that is a compendium of fascinating short stories of various genres.

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