Press Release – A Dark Love Story by Shairoz K. Anwarali is Thrilling Romance Novel with a Vampire Twist

Published by BookMedia, an Indian publishing house, A Dark Love Story is the debut book of Shairoz K. Anwarali, who is a nineteen-year-old girl from Kenya. The novel is first in the dark romance series. The novel is built on sheer imagination. It features Ella and Parker in the lead characters. The novel starts as a typical college romance story, as it chugs ahead dark secrets about Parker gets unveiled. Many readers would think that the novel is built on the lines of Twilight series. It could be but as you get under the skin of the story, you will realize that it is way different and a unique story in itself.

The novel is well received by romance readers across the world, reviews and rating have begun pouring at Amazon and Goodreads. Talking about the story, Ella and Parker fall in love without knowing each other’s past. As Ella becomes suspicious about Parker’s activities, she begins her investigation. It turns out that Parker is a vampire in the human form. Now what will happen? Will Ella go ahead in the relationship? What will Parker do – will he go away or kill her? Despite the difference in their worlds, for sure it’s going to be a time-tested love story. A lot of thrilling secrets will amaze the readers as they take on the stories of two young college goers.

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About the Author:

I am Shairoz.K.Anwarali. A Dark Love Story is my first book, a book which I had been dreaming to write since I was a child. Finally, the dream of writing my first ever book is come true.

My love for reading and writing is what got me to write this book. When I started the book, I filled with anxiety and excitement. I was just a normal Wattpad writer when an idea came up in my mind. That was to actually publish it on paper.

I am glad and grateful to my parents who trusted their 19 year old girl with her dream. I hope this book manages to find a place in the hearts of its readers, so that I can continue to write more books. In addition, I would love to inform you that part two of A Dark Love Story will be out soon.

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