In Interview with Shairoz K Anwarali: the Author of A Dark Love Story

Shairoz’s debut romantic suspense novel, A Dark Love Story is well-received by reading communities. This is the book first in the dark romance series. The novel covers the story of Kristina who is left in lurch by her husband Smith. The novel is poignant in redefining the modern couple’s relationship in the light of career aspirations.

She speaks to NEWS WORLD INC about her writing aspirations, inclination towards dark romance, and much more.

NWI: What inspired you to write this novel?

I have always loved reading and writing. Reading is something I used to and still do, in any free time I get. The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the whole world’s lives’ as well as mine. Being sick and tired of the quarantine life, I decided to write and use Watt Pad as a source to connect to people. There, I got readers who were actually interested in the book. That is what inspired me to publish my book. However, it’s not that the inspiration was there full time. Many times, I felt the urge to quit because the journey was hard. There was a lot of struggle. The second way I got inspiration was the encouragement talks my mom used to give me every time she noticed I was about to give up. That made me have a desire to complete it and write more books in future.

NWI: How did you evolve the concept of human vs. vampire modern relationships in this novel?

By watching many vampire series, I liked the concept of vampires loving humans. I found them quite interesting. So, I came up with the idea of writing a vampire and a human love story, the way I wanted it to be with the changes I preferred.

NWI: How did you feel when your book was published?

I felt accomplished, like I had finally done something. It was an extremely happy moment for me. It may sound cliché, but, many times I felt like I was dreaming. It was a proud moment which made me want to publish even more books.

NWI: How did you do research for this book?

I didn’t do much research about the book. When I started, I already knew how vampire books were supposed to be and how vampires react. But, whenever I wanted an answer to something, I would just search it up on the internet.

NWI: What are some of your favourite romance authors?

I’ve read many books by many authors but my favorites are; Nora Roberts and Adriana Locke.

NWI: Which character you liked most from your book?

I’ve written the characters that mean I’ve created them. I can’t just come to a conclusion that I like one character more than the other. I’ve bonded with all of them equally.

NWI: What are you working on next?

The next book I am working on, is the second part of A Dark Love Story which I am planning to publish soon.

Connect with Shairoz K Anwarali:

Instagram: @Shai_003


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