Press Release–They’ll Post Anything These Days by Kunal Sadan is a Contemplative Social Media Poetry

Published by Blue Hill Publications in 2020, They’ll Post Anything These Days is the first book by the author Kunal Sadana. The book offers social media posts that the author must have collated over a period of time i.e. ten years. The author takes a jibe at the daily grind of life through these snippets or posts. It is evident that he must have posted these short posts on his FB timeline, as he began in late 2008, his first post was about the Mumbai Terror Attack.

Well, the book is not about attacks, democracy, or criticizing political parties, it is way beyond in its essence and apprehension. The author writes about being aged, getting married, funny life cycle in the corporate world, thoughts on various events and phenomena and much more. The summation of the posts is never inclined towards a fewer topics, it is rather free flow like a river. Many book reviewers have called the book ‘Facebook Poetry’. With social media an integral part of our lives, these types of books are bound to come.

Praise for the Book:

“Keeping so many posts collated for such a long time, is a great feat in the first place. I often go through this book many a time in the day to delve deep into a world of past events and memories.”

“So, this book brings the timeline of an author who used social media to publish a gamut of posts for a period as good as a decade. As one chugs ahead with the book, one gets a contemplative mood, and eventually gets set on a tour of retrospection and profound cogitation.” Kevein Books and Reviews

About the Author:

Kunal Sadana was born in your typical middle class family of Delhi, of the India of the 80’s, a time and place where someone in his place never went to bed hungry, yet still needed permission to rummage through the cookie jar. He experienced an adolescence of TV in monochrome, carefree playing in streets, a consciousness peppered by the vestigial colonial hangover, whereby any relative living or having even travelled abroad comprised of a superior evolutionary species; a youth which reeled under the distracting onslaught of cable TV and post reform capitalism; a graduation into the awakening that commerce occupies the bulk of meaning of most people lives; an eventual fructification into a perpetual disillusionment, which at first made him think he was the exception, and then made him realize he was the norm.

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