Press Release – Give Me a Break by Ranjit Kulkarni is a Light-hearted Novel Featuring Swami and Jigneshbhai

Bangalore, (November 5, 2020), published by Athena Creations, ‘Give Me a Break’ by Ranjit Kulkarni is the new novel with familiar characters, Swami and Jigneshbhai. Previously, the author introduced these funny and fickle-minded and idiosyncratic characters in the novels like ‘The Good, The Bad and The Silly’.

The story is set within the typical barriers; however, it is brimming with wit and humour. If one has read Swami-like characters from the books of R.K. Narayan, well then this novel is perfectly suitable. Though the only difference is that in R.K. Narayan’s stories Swami is a boy, well here a grown-up ageing man with hilarious peculiarities.

The story is set in South India, around Bangalore. Swami and Jigneshbhai are the lead characters. They are friends who meet regularly at a coffee shop, but both are different in ideologies. The contrast in their interests and viewpoints make up the narration interesting when they are confronted by the same problems. Swami is gullible and innocent – he doesn’t understand that the world and its people could have ulterior motives. On the other hand, Jigneshbhai is skeptical to many things around him. If Jigneshbhai is realistic, Swami is fool to believe anyone who gives him even the slightest importance.

Behind the usual banter of comedy and humour, the novel brings the conflict of interest that arises due to greed. Swami longs for peace out of his busy and hectic office life. Interestingly enough, when he moves out to Sridhar Mama’s farmhouse, he witnesses the trap set by his old friend Purno and his boss Raichand. The premises of the novel become interesting when each character’s share of greed and desire grow and try to outpace one another. The irony lies in Swami’s desperate efforts to have some peace from the city life, but life has some other troubles in store for him, and it seems as only Jigneshbhai can pull him out from bog.

It is an interesting book, full of humour and witty circumstances. One needs to savour this book leisurely, not meant for fast readers.

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About the Author:

Ranjit Kulkarni is an Indian writer based in Bengaluru. Ranjit’s writing style, according to readers, blends the humorous with the spiritual, the mundane with the meaningful, and often revolves around philosophical musings peppered within tongue-in-cheek, slice-of-life anecdotes. For more details on Kulkarni and his latest writing, please visit –

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