The book ‘1857’ by Arjun Chandrasekhar Revisits the History of India’s Freedom Struggle in a Different yet Entertaining Way

The year 1857 was a terrific time for the Indian history. That year put the foundation of India’s struggle for independence. In that time our country was being ruled by the British Raj, however, there were some brave sepoys (soldiers) that raised voice for independence and a powerful mutiny took place. Though it was suppressed somehow but it changed the landscape of the Indian history forever.

Published by Leadstart, the book ‘1857’ by Arjun Chandrasekhar revisits the history in a different yet entertaining way. The book is neither a novel nor a non-fiction, rather a book of verses. It tells the history through the voice of one Sufi called Mastaan. Owing to poetic and prose nature, the book is easy to read and understand. Through the verses a lot has been highlighted that ultimately inspires some soldiers who, then, strived hard for freedom of the country.

It is one of its kind books. The author must have done a lot of research on this piece of history before penning down a credible book on India’s freedom struggle. In the time when nationalism is pervading across the country, this book is a right factor to ignite the spark. Written in poetic and prose manner, this book makes up for a timely read. For veteran to naïve readers, this book is a must try.

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About the Author:

Arjun Chandrasekhar hails from Palakkad of Kerala. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and keeps a passion for writing from his childhood. His first work of fiction, titled The Sophomore Saints: A Himalayan Tale was published in 2015. He has written several poems and short stories in pursuit of his passion for writing. Arjun was bestowed with the title Ambassador of Words in 2018 by Museo de la Palabra, Museum of Words, Madrid Spain for his contributions towards the development of Spanish language and in developing bonds through words between cultures. He is currently working in New Delhi. He is currently developing his new work of fiction titled Vijayanagar.

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