Sanguine Dawn by Ankeshwar Mishra Dives into the Depth of Burning National and International Issues

Published by Leadstart Publishing, Ankeshwar Mishra’s book Sanguine Dawn touches on many global issues that keep us alert and awake. The book first touches the problems and then focuses on rudimentary solutions whose roots are underlying in the Indian culture and heritage. The book is a work of non-fiction but reads like a fiction because of superbly lucid narration.

As the book starts, we see three friends, all girls, Dorothy Jones, Gurmeet Kaur, and Parul Patel. They meet in a restaurant and discuss the burning issue ‘Terrorism’. One of their friends’ fathers is being injured in a terror attack. Their discussion starts from terrorism but it moves on to all problems probably the world is facing today. From their conversation, it was clear that the world is clearly devoid of people who love to promote and foster peace.

As their conservation digs deeper, the book delves in the issues like terrorism, climate change, global warming, poverty, nuclear weapons, tribal affair, and much more issues that are born out of science and technology and human desires. The issues and problems presented in the book may look incorrigible to all of us, but the way author roped in stories through characters like Gurmeet and Parul and others it really reads like a fascinating account. The author has highlighted Gurmeet much as compared to others; also she was true to her words when it came to serving the mankind and the world.

Stretched up to 200 pages, there are around 10 chapters that will keep any reader hooked and curious. One thing is prominent in this book: it should be read by new-generation parents. The author is a well-read person and it is quite evident from his writing style. For sure, one can have this book to understand the burning global issues and it will help them understanding their roles and responsibility towards the peaceful world.

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About the Author:

The author has a broad knowledge of the history of India and the present socio-economic condition of the country. The author has done his MA in Economics and an MBA in Finance. The author is a government employee. He is working as a Deputy Director of Administration in a reputed national institute under Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The author has served in various departments of the Government of India like the Ministry of Defence, various scientific and research organizations under Ministry of Science and Technology. The author has a deep passion for reading and writing and with this book he wants to connect, communicate & create awareness among people all over the globe.

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